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Past Life Regression

Exploration and  Therapy with Paul Eagle


The fee for a standard 90 minute session is £65.00


Further sessions may be booked at £45 per hour or  £65 per 90 minutes.


Where PLR leads to therapy sessions for issues uncovered these will usually be 1 hour sessions at £45.


For home appointments there may be a small travel surcharge. All charges will be agreed prior to booking.

Postponement and Cancellation.


When booking your session we will agree a time suitable for both of us. Obviously, sometimes there may be a need to cancel or postpone the appointment. There is no charge for appointments changed or cancelled with at least 48 hours notice. For appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours, half of the fee is still payable. If you book a session and do not arrive, without giving any notice, or only give notice on the day, the full fee is payable.