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Past Life Regression

Exploration and  Therapy with Paul Eagle


Is it Private?


Everything that is experienced during the regression is completely confidential.


Does it Work?


Yes. 95% of people who engage with the process get some impressions or insights from the experience. Some will 'see' vivid pictures, others 'hear' or 'sense' their past life story as it unfolds.


How Many Sessions?


A typical Past Life Exploration only requires one 90 minute session, which will include a short discussion about why you would like a regression and any particular issues or life areas you are hoping to gain insight into; some visualisation excercises, and a chance to discuss your experience following the regression. If PLR is a part of ongoing therapy, or it becomes clear that issues need to be resolved in further sessions, this will be discussed and agreed.


Does it prove reincarnation?


No. There are different opinions about how and why we can access past life memories. However, even people who strongly disbelieve in reincarnation can undergo regression and find memories of a previous existence.


Will I tell all my secrets? Am I under your control?


No. Even in deep trance you have the ability to choose what to answer and what to withold. Hypnosis is not Mind Control, despite what Stage Hypnotists may want you to believe! Oh, and there is no 'Clucking like a Chicken' or 'Singing like Elvis' involved!


Can Everyone be Hypnotised?


Anybody with normal intelligence can be hypnotised to some degree. Sometimes it is a question of practise, so a person who often meditates or has used visualisation methods before may find it easier to drift in trance; if it is your first experience of this type of therapy you may need to practise a little before acheiving deeper states. We will run through a few simple excercises to ensure you have the best chance of finding the memories.